Calliope Savoy

Calliope Savoy

I believe the number of dogs Jeff Luscott will have to judge in Barbados at the next Barbados Kennel Club’s All Breeds Championship Dog Show will be in the fifties. And in the UK where he resides, that could just be one breed on his judging schedule.

Some years ago, an All Breed Championship Dog Show in Barbados could easily attract about 120 entries. And there would be expensive imported dogs of several breeds and owners and handlers eagerly awaiting the opportunity to bring out their dogs and compete. Some of these dogs would be imported a few weeks before the show so that they would also be in full coat.

The very poor entries for this show have no reflection on the judge, Jeff Luscott, as he has not judged here before.

An unfriendly judge and maybe one who also writes a very harsh critique can turn off new comers from entering future shows. There is nothing wrong with a judge telling the truth about a dog he judges and all dogs, even Best in Show dogs, have faults. And a judge spotting an obviously very inexperienced handler in the ring, could still be pleasant and encouraging. I believe a critique should point out the dog’s good points and also touch on the areas of weakness.

I believe most Barbadians have a strong sense of fair play and of course, most exhibitors here, know their competitors’ dogs.

Last show there were only three German Shepherd dogs, a breed which at one time in Barbados was so strong, it could have its own breed show on a Saturday and then an All Breeds Championship Show on Sunday. It is possible at this show, the number may be even fewer than three German Shepherd dogs.

I always tell people who have a lone breed entry, to think of doing well in the group as you cannot compete with yourself. And if you are lucky enough to get an easy pass through to the Working Group, make the most of it as, in my opinion, it is a tough group and usually has, in my opinion, most of the top handlers of the show.

Also, a judge does not have to give an automatic CC because there is only one entry in the ring.

The UK judges usually stay on the South coast, usually in a hotel on the beach and at this time of the year, our sea water is usually fairly warm so judges who love the sea and beach although they might be disappointed in the number of dogs they have to judge in the show ring, and maybe the quality of some, should enjoy their holiday in the tropics. They usually come in a day or two before the show and stay a few days afterwards. For some of them, it would be their first visit to Barbados.

Seeing that the time for the Bouviers has been brought forward, I would suspect fewer entries in the Gundog group. The Working Group will comprise mainly of Rottweilers and Bull Mastiffs as in the last show.

“Savoy” (registered name Calliope Rupert) in the picture above needs one more CC to be made up as a Champion and maybe he will get it this show.

It can be more difficult for a coated breed to get a CC as a coat should be maintained on a regular basis and this breed cannot have a good quality coat unless it is well cared (undercoat combed out) and the grooming of the Bouvier is a key point in its presentation.

Savoy was not at the show grounds with his owner and he did not compete in the last show but I visited him and his 2 Bouvier companions this morning after I came from the show grounds with Rhapsody this morning

Ch. Rhapsody C.D.

Ch. Rhapsody C.D.

Rhapsody was out with me for most of the morning, she went to show handling, then visited her Bouvier friends and family and then enjoyed being admired by people when we went for a roti for lunch and also the newspapers.

And she had some exercise at the grounds with Tommy Bentley doing show handling and saying that he wanted us to do some extra circles so he could be sure that the Bouvier could really herd if it had to. 🙂 I know Tommy must have been trying to see how fit I am and maybe I had better start some swimming and walking to lose a few lbs. 🙂

And this evening Rhapsody and Rita will go out walking with Savoy, Payton and Phoenix who are Calliope Bouviers but not owned by me. We normally walk on Sunday evenings.

I often wish there was someone around who liked dogs and would like to walk one of the other Bouviers with us as left at home are other Bouviers who would love to be out.

Because I still compete in shows, I tend to walk the ones who will have to gait in the show grounds as I want them in a hard condition.

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