Jeez, that pix is the perfect example of what that article about the GSDs is all about with the awful topline!!!  Was the judge partaking in the local rum punch for him to put up that dog as the Best In Show??

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  1. admin says:

    That particular dog does not even have any track record. It has never ever won a CC before as far as I know. Wonder whether it will ever win a CC again 🙂 Interesting considering all the talk in the UK about judging and the dogs’ structures and health issues, especially as the GSD is one of the breeds The Kennel Club, UK, is concerned about. To me, but I am not the judge, I have seen GSD specimens which could also move better. The pix. don’t lie about the topline for sure!

  2. lili says:

    That 6 month old GSD puppy I believe should not have beaten the other locally bred Champion dogs. Hard to believe that it even beat the other locally bred GSDs. What was that judge thinking? Didn’t that judge put up a locally bred Papillion over an imported BIS Papillion and he gave the Papillion puppy a CC but the Papillion did not have the competiton that a Working Group dog has. Besides the hot sun, and the rums, maybe he knows somebody down here???????????????????????

  3. admin says:

    Being objective, the show results were unusual. We are accustomed of hearing rumours sometimes but I usually take the rumours with a pinch of salt. 🙂 🙂 Outside the ring, I did hear quite a few people say things like “watch him now put up the GSDs, one, two and three”. And that is what he did. I don’t believe he would have known the owner of the GSDs. However, we should realise that judging in Barbados might be like just a holiday for some of these judges. I agree that a lot of them might know and be friendly with the owners of the kennels who shipped dogs down here. All over the world there are judges who are known to be influenced by who is holding the dog’s leash in the ring and also by kennel prefixes and who will also help a friend look good with what they sent down here. I would hope that these judges are in the minority. As there are so few shows down here, it is disappointing to see judges put up dogs which most exhibitors and spectators feel are not good breed specimens. If the structure is incorrect, the movement will be incorrect as well. And basically, the judge when he/she judges the individual dogs in the groups, should remember the purpose of the dog and what it was bred to do. For example, Working and Pastoral/Herding breeds should look strong enough in body and gait to do a day’s work. You would not expect the same stamina from the toy group.

  4. t-man says:

    I really did not like the best in show, was not looking at her at all – didn’t see why the GSD’s took everything as well, they were not as strong as they normally are.

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