In an ideal situation, new born puppies are completely taken care of by their mother.   However, sometimes, humans need to step in to help and ensure that in the case where the puppies mother might be unable to feed them successfully, they still  get milk.  A bitch might have mastitis, or another infection, or a large litter of puppies and the weaker pups might easily get pushed aside by stronger siblings.

It is always important to ensure that a new born puppy gets its first milk from its mother as that milk contains colostrum which contain essential antibodies which will protect it against possible bacterial and viral infections.  And afterwards, if the puppies need to get milk other than their mother’s, tubes, or bottle feeding of the puppies may take place.

This video shows another way and seems to be an excellent idea, especially for breeds which are very small.

The bottles used to assist puppies are usually doll type bottles with small rubber nipples which are easy for the newly born puppies to suck from.

The below YouTube video shows a novel idea with a small breed, Yorkshire Terriers, and here the puppy is hand fed as it learns to suck its milk from a sponge.  The video gives details of the various items used in this exercise.  Of course, some of the items might need to be searched for to be obtained but this method seems a good idea for helping to save a puppy’s life.

In Barbados, we might have to be careful about using the bags shown in the video as they might keep the puppy too warm

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