Featured in the Nation’s “Sunday Sun” was the Hope Sanctuary, an organisation in Barbados which rescues cats and dogs, cares for them and tries to help by rehoming the animals.

The Hope Sanctuary was started in 2003 and rents a location which currently houses over one hundred dogs and over twenty-five cats. According to the reports, the location they rent is up for sale and they are desperately trying to find a new location to continue their role in rescuing dogs and cats on the island but their preference seems to be the desire to purchase the location they are on. They say their deadline is March 31st and they are trying to raise the funds to purchase the location they are on which is up for sale. US one million dollars is a lot of money to raise to purchase a property in such a short time frame.

There should be other options other than putting down all the animals if they do not achieve their goal and I hope they will come up with alternative arrangements.

I don’t know much about the organisation but I know people who have taken rescued dogs from them, instead of buying pedigree dogs or mixed breed dogs. I know The Hope also assists by spraying and neutering dogs and cats. There is no cost to persons who genuinely cannot afford the costs of a private vet to do the process. That has been a lot of help in keeping down the stray dogs and cats population in Barbados.

You can read about The Hope Here

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