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A Barbados beach

Liz Cartledge (of Ryslip) will be in Barbados after Crufts for the Barbados Kennel Club’s first 2010 All Breeds Championship Dog Show.

At Crufts she will be judging the best of breed dogs in the Hound Group.

This judge has judged dogs in Barbados on several occasions and would have friends on the island.

The last time she judged here was in 2000 and she put up an imported Akita as her Best in Show.

I expect she will see very few Akitas at the show here in March.

Her Best Locally bred dog in the show, 2000, and also best locally bred puppy in the show were German Shepherd dogs. I expect she will also see very few German Shepherd dogs when she judges the dogs here in March.

Liz Cartledge was born in Sweden and married Joe Cartledge in the UK in 1971. Her late husband was regarded as a “terrier man” and as a former professional handler had won a Best in Show at Crufts with an Airedale Terrier.

The Terrier Group like the Toy Group in Barbados has very few entries. There are, however, some Airedale Terriers on the island, including a puppy which was recently imported.

The business Ryslip is a family business which is well known for its boarding and quarantining services for dogs and is very well respected. Some of the dogs coming to Barbados from the UK would have been shipped through Ryslip This business was first established by her late husband in 1955.

Liz Cartledge is an international judge. She grew up with dogs and at 13 years old saved up for her own dog – a Pembroke Corgi. Her late father had Boxers and Dobermanns and besides showing them, was also involved in obedience training.

She has bred Norfork Terriers, Swedish Valhunds, Japanese Spitz and
Pembroke Corgis. None of those breeds are in Barbados.

Liz Cartledge has given a lot of her time and energy to promote and support junior handling in the UK.

She would be very familar with all the breed standards for the breeds shown here and she is an experienced judge.

Barbados is enjoying beautiful weather, clear blue skies, sunny days yet breezy and with no rain. So I expect Liz will enjoy the island and also explore what new developments have taken place since she was last here.

The weather we are experiencing is nice for tourists but worrying for us locals as I do not recall Barbados entering a period of drought like we are now in. There have also been a lot of bush and grass fires as well as cane fires which would have also affected the island’s water supply as the fire tenders would have used a lot of water fighting the fires.

Let’s hope that some rain soon comes to freshen up our landscape, revive our plant life and refill our water wells.

I expect to publish her critique with the photos of the top dogs from the show here.

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