Man and dog at Martin's Bay, Barbados

Man and dog watching fishing boat, Barbados

On Sunday, around 6:00 am. I was at Martin’s Bay, St. John.

This area is a small, rustic, as yet unspoilt fishing village.

The dog in the photo above was out walking with his owner. The dog which looked like an Akita mix, was well behaved and friendly and walked by his owner’s side without a leash. His owner told me that the dog also enjoys going for a swim by himself.

This area is known for sea foods, lobsters, conch, sea cat, pot fish and other fish such as snapper, dolphin and flying fish.

A few yards away from where the man and dog were standing watching the fishing boat is a small fish market and a few yards inland is a shop/restaurant which on Thursdays specialises in all kinds of sea foods. Patrons come from all over the island and from all walks of life to eat the freshly caught and cooked “pot” fish, heads and all. These fish are known as “pot” fish as they are caught in fish traps as opposed to the flying fish and other fish which might be caught by nets or fishing lines as in deep sea fishing. Pot fish might also be spear fished.

I have eaten lunch here several times and I have always enjoyed the “pot” fish. There are not many places in Barbados where you can buy or eat “pot” fish.

Scaling flying fish

Scaling flying fish in Martin's Bay

Although some dogs in Barbados would be chained and tied up or fenced in on their owners’ properties all their lives, it is nice to come across the ones enjoying their freedom and appearing very well cared for.

To play and walk in the sunshine with its owner, swim in a warm ocean and maybe enjoy some fish as well as dog chow, that should be a happy dog’s life.

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