Michael Vick has been hired by Philadelphia Eagles for a one year contract and US $1.6 million.

He has been hired as a back up for regular quarterback Donavan McNabb as the regular back up recently was injured.

Serving a prison term which recently ended, Vick has made appearance on behalf of The Humane Society of the United States and is also supposed to be working with an animal protection group to assist in combating dog fighting.

When his dog fighting facility was raided, most of the fighting dogs were given a second chance and I believe that most of them were able to be retrained and rehomed.

I believe it would be fair to give Michael Vick a second chance again at the sport he loves and has excelled at.

I expect that some fans of the Eagles who are dog lovers will not be happy to see him on the team, and it is also possible that some of the footballers might not be too happy to have him around either.

He says he has changed but only Vick would know at this time, whether he is really sorry (or just sorry to be caught) and whether his continuing to work with groups to combat dog fighting is genuine.

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