Today’s issue of the “Sun” has it.

Here is quoting the ad: “Shepit Puppies

Trained, biting German Shepherd crossed with powerful pit.

Loving family protection.  $500.00 Bds.”

I wonder what the German Shepherd is trained in, wonder what it has bitten.

“Powerful pit” as in body structure?

“Loving family protection for $500.00,”

What a laugh, the seller cannot know that. If the German Shepherd dog was trained “to bite”, it will not guarantee that its puppies will turn out to be protective of any family and its protection may not be “loving” either, especially with children.

Likewise, a “powerful pit” and a German Shepherd Dog cross may not produce a powerful looking dog.

Buyers better beware of this ad and similar type ads. Wonder if they will be snapped up by guillible people.


Not like the Labdoodle created overseas.



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