Last possible trial for making up CDX or CD dogs for the year took place last night at Waterford grounds.

People got various legs but no dog got “made up”.

Anyone wanting a good laugh should visit these trials. Watching the off leash section was entertaining to say the least. (I nearly typed leash) 🙂

This time instead of some of the dogs lagging in the ring with the handlers far in front, some the handlers turned back and actually grabbed the dogs by their choke chains to bring them back to heel.

This would, of course, cause a disqualification but the dogs seemed to sense that they did not have to do any more heeling which they probably regarded as boring.

So the dogs jumped up and down and around their handlers. Sheer joy, so at least, it could be said some of the dogs were very happy, and happy to be out of the ring as well. 🙂

And there was nothing the handlers could do except laugh as well with the small audience who were enjoying the happy abandonment of the dogs.

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