Taking a prize of sterling 500,000 in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent was the pair of Ashleigh Butler (16 years old) and her dog Pudsey (said to be a mixed breed of Border Collie, Bichon Frise and Chinese Crested cross).

Simon Cowell who is a fairly regular visitor to Barbados, supports one of our local rescue dog organisations, the Hope Sanctuary, is known to love dogs said that act was one of his favourite acts ever.

When Simon Cowell visits here and participates in an auction to help The Hope Sanctuary, lots of people not involved in dogs, will attend just to be around. But the donation paid to enter the auction helps The Hope and I believe some of these rescue organisations do an excellent job. It is great for Barbados that a celebrity like Simon Cowell will spend some time helping our local organisations.

This show is a high rated programme with reported audiences peaking at 14.5 million.

Now I agree that non dog lovers and also the ones who are maybe looking at breeding and keeping aggressive dogs might not like to see a win like this. But it must have taken a lot of training for a teenager to achieve this and besides being creative, it depicts a happy and healthy dog with a bond to its owner.

Looking at Pudsey’s breed mix, Border Collies are one of the best breeds if a person is looking to work with a dog, Border Collies love to work and be busy and are reportedly one of the smartest breeds of dogs. Watch agility at top levels and nearly every top dog is a Border Collie. The Bichon Frise has in its history that it was a “circus” dog so like the Border Collie is suggests a suitable breed for a certain type of training. I don’t know too much about the Chinese Crested and its background for training.

I understand the ads for sale in the UK are appearing already and read something like this – Pudsey look alike, same mixes, ready to go puppies!

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