I noticed the article for dogs being critiqued and just had to mention somethings (at least mainly about gaiting).

Well what was stated was in fact true, if a dog has been born and raised in a warm climate, they would have been use to it. However, one must realize though that the heat can in fact be energy draining. Also, improper structure does inhabit proper movement (which nothing can really be done about that), however, many times that is not always the case.

 What is being lacked is proper conditioning, and yes, you do have to train a dog to gait on a leash properly. What can solve this is “Road Work”. A breeder owner handler of Pembroke Welsh Corgis in the U.S. Ms Anne H. Bowes, says she doesn’t mind sharing this tip with her competitors. The reason why she does not mind giving out this tip because, she says that most of the people that hear this won’t do it once they realize what is involved.

When you gait your dog in the ring, you would have to move them at a trot (and yes there are different movements, pacing and galloping which are looked down upon by judges). So to get started you would have to carry your dog trotting (rather than walking). Your objective is to condition your dog on it’s show lead trotting. Please note to never start road working your dog until it is fully matured.

You can do this by walking, jogging or cycling with your dog (however do keep in mind the size and proper movement for your breed. It helps to trot your dog in different areas which will assist in socialization, to expose your dog to different environments to help your dog feel more comfortable in the ring. Yes, if a dog isn’t comfortable in the ring, he will not show well at all.

Do keep in mind to stop every five to ten minutes to free stack your dog, to help it strike her show stance. Since you are just training, if your dog’s feet aren’t  placed properly adjust them and reward with a treat. Over time wait longer periods of to reward as you would want them to free stack for atleast five minutes or even longer in the ring.

This should be done at least once a day for fifteen to forty five minutes  depending on your breed. You should notice a difference in gaiting attitude with in four to six weeks. The more fun you make it for you and your dog, you should see quicker results. Road work assist dogs that lag behind, run ahead, pulls and with dogs you may (hopefully not) have to drag. This conditioning also helps firm and  build muscle. Please remember consistent training bring forth results, so start now.



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