Ch. Zipitdedoda by Crownridge C.D.

RR are an all around useful breed that’s extremely well suited for Barbados and other hot climates. There is very little grooming needed and fleas and ticks can be seen easily. They are very clean dogs and require little or no bathing Their popularity has dwindled in recent years because there haven’t been any local puppies. But now Barbadians have the opportunity to discover what wonderful family dogs they can be.

RRs can be trained for almost any task from surfing to personal protection. Many are being used as service dogs for returning American troops because of their wonderful loving nature and protective instincts. Their many other activities include search & rescue, hunting & tracking a wide variety of birds & game, dock diving, rally sport, agility competitions, several are top US contenders for high in trial awards in obedience, one is even on the first string of the #3 flyball team in the US !! I can even recount this story of a pet, RR who saved his mistress during a knife attack, biting the attacker and then kept watch over her until paramedics arrived and then moved off a short distance to allow them to attend to his mistress…a prime example of their thinking ability. The RR then alerted police by barking madly and led them straight to the attacker who was found in nearby bushes bleeding profusely. The perfect dog I would say.

Written by the owner of CrownRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Barbados

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  1. admin says:

    The Rhodesian Ridgeback in the above photo is Ch. Zipitdedoda by Crownridge C.D.

    I believe “Zip” as he is known to most of us, would hold the record for the dog winning Best Locally Bred Dog in Show. He has also held his own by winning overall Best in Shows more than once.

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