UK visitors at RSPCA Barbados

Toys for cats, and collars, all kinds, for dogs were given to the RSPCA by UK visitors

I am seeing so many kind people trying to help the RSPCA, some with donations of food, some giving their time to help walk and care the dogs there.

Belinda Castle and her husband Jim, arrived in Barbados for one of their repeat vacations to the island. They follow the RSPCA through its Facebook page and brought in 2 large bags of gifts for that organisation’s dog and cat population.

In the below photo, with Belinda and Jim is Dale, from the RSPCA, and some of the many children I noticed were there helping with the dogs. It is summer time and vacation time for children in Barbados and those children are probably animal lovers who enjoy helping take care of the dogs, under the supervision of RSPCA personnel.

UK visitors with gifts for RSPCA

Belinda and Jim Castle with their gifts for RSPCA

In yesterday’s issue of the newspaper, Sunday Sun, there were 8 ads advertising puppies/dogs for sale. Two of these ads were for pedigree Rottweiler puppies, the other ads were for mainly Bully mixes like Neapolitan x Great Dane, American Bull dog x with Pit Bull, Red Bordeaux Mastiff x Mixed. These breeds can have large litters of puppies and can also grow to be medium to large size dogs. I hope homes will be found for all the puppies/dogs being advertised and their fate is not similar to the cases I have been reading about recently, a lot of dogs seem to be getting abandoned for various reasons and the RSPCA does rescue and try to find homes for the dogs given up by their owners for various reasons as well as being abandoned.

I met Belinda and Jim years ago as she contacted me through this blog so when she told me on this trip that she had items to give the RSPCA, I collected both of them from their hotel and took them to the RSPCA where they happily made their donation.

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