Repeat visitors to Barbados, Jim and Belinda love dogs. This year when they visited they brought down a huge bag filled with mainly dog collars, a lot of which are really nice leather collars. Belinda explained that the dog gifts she brings in from the UK come from several dog lovers, from her area, and dog clubs. This must have filled a large suitcase.

Lots of dog gifts from UK visitors to RSPCA

Lots of dog gifts from UK visitors to RSPCA

We were welcomed by RSPCA staff member, Naresh Belgrave. Sounds as if that organisation currently houses about 65 dogs. He brought out Gracie to meet us. Gracie has been there for approximately 2 years. She was very friendly. There are lots of dogs there that the RSPCA desperately needs to find homes for. People looking to help by taking in these dogs would be advised if they are suitable around other dogs and cats. Gracie is one who would do well as a “one” dog, we were told.

Gracie, at the RSPCA, is still looking for a home

Gracie, at the RSPCA, is still looking for a home

From there we headed to the beauty of the East Coast in Barbados. We stopped at Bay Tavern, Martin’s Bay, and one of the owners explained that they were closed for their annual vacation. Bajans are usually very friendly people and the door to the bar was unlocked so we could get some cold Banks Beer and sit on a beach overlooking the sea. We ate at Sand Dunes Bar and Restaurant, Belleplaine where the service and food were also very good.

Bay Tavern at Martin's Bay, St. John

Bay Tavern at Martin’s Bay, St. John

Hope to see my friends, Belinda and Jim, again next year. And I am sure the RSPCA looks forward to their visit again as well.

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