American Bulldog - puppy

American Bulldog - puppy

This American Bulldog, imported from the United Kingdom, is 9 months old and his owner told me that he weighs 90 lbs. already.

The American Bulldog would fall under the Mastiff group. It is considered a “rare” breed and is not yet recognised by The American Kennel Club for registration of its litters and for conformaiton shows. However, the breed has several clubs where they hold their own shows.  And keep their own registration of litters.

It is a strong breed which, besides performing functions of guarding, tracking, hunting, may also be used in weight pulling competitions.

The one I saw out walking with his master was very friendly and approachable.

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4 Comments to “Several American Bulldogs in Barbados”

  1. Andre says:

    The American Bulldog puppy shown appears to be a promising specimen of the Hines variety of this breed. The American Bulldog is known for its good temperament, strength, agility, loyalty to its master and as a superb guard dog. I look forward to seeing more of the breed in Barbados and additional pictures of the pup as he develops. I hope that this breed does not fall in to the wrong hands.

  2. admin says:

    You appear very knowledgeable about the breed. 🙂 I researched the breed a bit and hope that the owners of the breed here will do things like ensure it is socialised from early and also obedience trained from early.

  3. spinal says:

    i want to buy a pure breed pitt bull any for sale?

  4. admin says:

    Hi, Spinal:
    I am not aware of any pure pit bulls puppies for sale right now. Actually, I have not seen any pit bull litters advertised for a while now. But I have your e-mail contact and if I talk with someone who knows of a litter, I will e-mail you.

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