In Barbados, a group headed by Adrian Ward, do general dog training but seem particularly focused in working dog activities and development: BGI K9 Group. I know Adrian and he is a person whom I like and I have respect for as a trainer. He is a very experienced trainer with overseas exposure and training. His areas of interest includes Schutzhund and French ring sport.

He had a Malinois on the same CD classes that I had my Bouvier Des Flandres Rita on. Rita, to date, was the most indifferent Bouvier I have had doing CD. I have achieved CD titles with 4 of my Bouviers. Rita will naturally guard a gate at home and be very fast to chase anything on my property which she feels does not belong, like monkeys. But do the repetitive heel work and other boring stuff when she was off leash, was a challenge. Rita did achieve the CD title and she is also a conformation champion and I thank Adrian for the help he gave me in the ring when I training her. Both of us had a laugh about Rita and it is possible that Rita also had a laugh about us, especially when the leash was taken off!

Currently, in Barbados, certain breeds have been getting a negative rap.

When Pitbulls, as in a recent case, or other breeds are not properly secured and come off their property and bite people, it is a very serious matter.

I feel that all dogs should be secured by being on their own enclosed property or if out in the public, be under their owner’s control and on a leash. There are pitbull owners who say their breed makes a lovely family pet so it could come back to the environment, breeding, and how the Pitbulls were trained. And in reading a newspaper we do not always get the full story but, to me, once the dog is outside of its property and not on a leash and controlled by a person and bites someone, the dog is at fault and the owner is also at fault. Especially if it happens more than once.

I also feel that children, especially very young children, should not be left unsupervised with dogs, regardless of the breed and size of the dog.

Certain breeds excel at working sports, for example, most dogs categorised in the Barbados Working Group,just as certain breeds excel at scenting and hunting and these can be expected in the Hound group. The Gundog group dogs should retrieve easily as that is what they were bred to do, the Toy group has the companion dogs, the Utility has a mix of breeds bred to do various things and the Terrier group has its own characteristics.

I enjoyed this video. A French Bulldog standard puts this breed as being around 28 lbs. The breed is described as being “clown like” and it is one of the 15 high profile breeds, out of a possible 195 breeds, being watched in the UK in conformation shows for health issues associated with this breed. There are a few French Bulldogs in Barbados.

I never expected to see a French Bulldog doing any kind of working trials. But this video shows that a small package with a big mind can achieve unexpected things. Of course, you need an excellent trainer who believes in the dog to develop specific traits needed for the working trials. I am very impressed with the dog and its trainer.

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