Haiti is receiving help from all over the world. Caribbean islands, such as Barbados, have been doing collections through organisations like the Red Cross, banking institutions, major supermarkets, and radio appeals, with popular local sports people and entertainers getting involved, on the roads, and appealing for help and support. I believe over one hundred thousand dollars Barbados has been pledged from one activity alone and should be collected with several corporations playing their part of not just being a good corporate citizen but extending it to a Caribbean neighbour.

Barbados is a small Caribbean island with a population of around 275,000 people and we depend mainly on tourism for our foreign exchange. We are feeling the recession period like the rest of the world but I believe most Barbadians will give what support they can to the Haiti earthquake cause.

Containers with food, medical supplies, clothing and other items will also be shipped from Barbadians to Haiti.

For some in Haiti, the help will be too late and mass graves with endless human bodies tell the tragic tale. Reports are that the number believed dead is now double what was first envisaged. It is thought that over 200,000 people have died as a result of the earthquake.

For some survivors, besides the emotional trauma, they will have the physical trauma of adjusting to limb loss and/or severe injuries. The people of Hait in the Port-au-Prince area which was affected by the earthquake would now be homeless, and with most of their possessions gone.

Bringing hope and help in finding live bodies which are trapped in the collapsed building are sniffer dogs with their handlers who have flown into Haiti from all over the world. Two types of dogs are on the island, those which will search for the living and those who will search for the dead.

Interestingly enough, some of the dogs which are used for the search and rescue of humans, are themselves “rescue” dogs.


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