Interesting, as my earlier post indicated that nine years ago when Stuart Mallard judged here in Barbados at a Barbados Kennel Club’s Championship Dog Show, he put up a locally bred Rhodesian Ridgeback as his Best in Show winner. He put up the same owner/handler Sarah Hamilton with her Rhodesian Ridgeback at this show. Nine years have passed and Sarah is as fit as ever. And I have said this on several occasions now, Sarah Hamilton, is a top handler and aspiring handlers and even the seasoned ones can learn from her.

The breed winners in the various groups were: Bull Terrier from the Terrier Group, Papillon from the Toy Group, Labrador Retriever from the Gundog Group, Rhodesian Ridgeback from the Hound Group, Miniature Schnauzer from the Utility Group and the Rottweiler from the Working Group.

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  1. t-man says:

    I’m happy for Sarah – I admire her for her professional handling and proactive breeding; it’s great that her efforts of using the AI have expressed it self in producing a BEST IN SHOW winner at only 13 months! Dr. Welch’s Rott Billy had a well deserved Reserve BIS a as well.

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