Barbados has an active Surfing Association and places like the Soup Bowl, Bathsheba, are popular spots for local and visiting surfers to wait for the waves to ride. We host surfing competitions in Barbados and we also send teams to international surfing competitions.

So far I have not seen any surfing dogs in Barbados but in the above video, some of the dogs certainly look as if they are enjoying the ride and look cute in their colorful life jackets.

Maybe one of these days, Bathsheba or one of our other surfing areas, will have a dog or two enjoying themselves.

Some of these overseas competitions, involving dogs, are done to help raise funds for other dogs, the “rescue” type which need to be rehomed. So, besides being a fun loving idea, it is also a constructive action.

Of course, some dogs appear to enjoy it more than others but it is like agility and other sports, it becomes more fun when the dog gets more familiar with it. 🙂 And with training and practice, there could be some real competitive dogs and owners enjoying the surf.

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