An agility video worth watching

A lovely video, dogs with drive, some are 9 years old, so obviously very fit, well bred and having the correct structure and who have been running for years with experienced handlers.

To get to this level, a top dog would have been training in agility for years.  And have an experienced handler.

And the breeds which have the drive to work at agility to become top dogs are also very important.

Expect always to see Border Collies in this sport.

In Barbados, we just run around with our dogs for fun, with the dogs doing agility obstacles and jumps.  Good exercise for all as well.

They can get to run in agility after they have received basic obedience training.

There is no judging for agility titles here, just a fun sport.

And no matter how slow the dogs are, I am sure they  still enjoy the off leash exercises and social outings.


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