Wednesday next week should have the largest amount of dogs on record doing a CD trial through The Barbados Dog Training Club.

The dogs are at different levels and I believe a dog doing leg C will be marked harder than a dog doing leg A.

The CD title consists of legs A, B and C.

The judge is Wayne Nicholls.

The trainer is Linda Pearson.

Doing leg C is Dahlia, who is a mixed breed and is actually what we call here a “cane” dog who was rescued by her owners. It is really nice to see the change in Dahlia since she started training as she was rather shy and nervous but now seems comfortable and happy among other dogs. If Dahlia passes leg C on Wednesday, she will go on to the first leg of the CDX.

And Rita, the free spirted Bouvier, who likes to clown around the ring. We passed legs A and B ages ago. I think Rita is bored by the repetition in obedience and she is an extremely independant dog – if she passes this time, I promise to reveal what I did to get her there. I also do no training with her at home.

Then we have Topaz, a German Shepherd dog who, like Rita, has scored high in one of the trials but has been stuck on leg C for a while.

Also doing leg C, is their friend Jack, a Golden Retriever.

Doing leg B is a Boxer, Kia and a German Shepherd dog, Leo.

Leg A has 10 dogs and these include a Pitbull, a Belgium Malinois, 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 2 Golden Retrievers, 2 Labrador Retrievers, a German Shepherd dog, and an Irish Setter.

There are at least 2 dogs entered for the CDX, Cash, a Flatcoated Retriever and Lily a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

In the ring on Wednesday with their dogs will be several very experienced handlers, who are also trainers and some of them are also obedience judges.

I have no doubt that some of these dogs will sense the ring, the lights, and a different atmosphere and will be entertaining, especially when the leash comes off and they know that they are free 🙂

At this level none of these dogs should move from a stay position and so if one dog gets up and wanders among, I expect most will remain in the stay position.

The handlers do not select the order in which they go in the ring, for instance Rita goes in second and she will have Dahlia and Topaz on either side for the sits, downs, and stays exercise. Rita is very well liked and is not dog agressive and is friendly with both of these dogs. I would have no problems if Rita were placed between any of the other dogs. Always at trials, handlers hope to get their dog by dogs which will do reliable sits and downs so it does not affect their own dog.

This is a good group to watch as some of the dogs are from working lines and would be regarded as tough dogs. And some of the dogs, like the Golden Retrievers, which tend to be excellent at obedience trials, are very gentle.

E-collars are not illegal in Barbados. I would not advocate using them on the soft type breeds which are naturally subservient and different handlers will use different methods on their dogs and it is up to them to decide which method to use.

Quite a few of the dogs doing the CD trials are very motivated by food, some are motivated to work and no food is given to them with training. Some are motivated by toys.

At trials, no training aids are allowed in the ring.

For the CDX, which involves, the retrival of a dumb bell, it can become even more challenging for all breeds do not naturally retrieve. For those that don’t, a forced method of retrieve can be taught.

A group of us are hoping when we finally complete the CDX to go on to the Utility and I believe that would also be a first for The Barbados Dog Training Club and Barbados.

I am hoping to post pix. here and some results next week. Barbados is now in its rainy season and these trials were postponed from Wednesday this week because of the weather.

The trials start at 6 pm. and the Club always requests all handers, friends etc. to be there before 6 pm. Dogs should perform with distractions but it is very easy for dogs to fail if they get distracted in the ring for any reason, especially in the off leash heeling where the handler should lose substantial points if the dog is touched to bring it back to a heel position.


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