In the above pix. is Ch. Calliope Rita C.D. a very fun loving Bouvier Des Flandres.

She was bred by me and came from two of my imported Bouvier Des Flandres: Ch. Farleycross So Far so Good at Calliope (from the UK) and Ch. Rick Lois From the Dogsfarm at Calliope (from The Netherlands).

I very seldom breed dogs.  Both Rita and Rhapsody (Ch. Calliope Rhapsody C.D. who is still my favourite  dog ever) came from this litter.

Tumeric is regarded as a root which has all kinds of positives for health use.  For humans and also dogs.

Humans have been using it for cooking in their foods for years but besides giving dishes like curry a great taste, Tumeric is becoming very  valuable for its possible healing properties.


The video below tells a story of how it helped a dog.


I recently took Rita to the vet to get her teeth cleaned as her mouth smelt foul and she was off her food.

Rita is approximately 9.6 years now and has very seldom visited the vet.

At my request, they did a full blood panel and found everything good as in vital organs like kidneys, liver, etc. but the white blood cell count was slightly off and because Barbados has had a lot of tick fever, it was thought that maybe that could be accounted for with tick fever.

My dogs are on NexGard now but Rita could have had tick fever earlier and might have been strong enough not to show the symptoms unless under stress.

Under the anaestethia, a large hard lump was discovered behind her lips which would have been inoperable. A needle aspirate was sent to the Govt. lab. but I understood later that the chief person at that laboratory was overseas. It was thought that this could be why the white blood cell count was lowish. The two vets at the clinic who examined the cells independently of each other, felt the large hard mass in her mouth could be sarcoma.

Of course, I felt devastated.

I was given antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets for Rita and told to return when the tablets were gone, in 10 days time.

I gave Rita the tablets prescribed by the veterinary clinic but I also gave Rita Tumeric every day with her food, twice a day and I also steeped sour sop leaves and put the water in her food once a day.

I returned to the vet last week, and this time I requested and saw the chief vet at that clinic. The large hard mass in her mouth had gone.

I don’t know whether this was a large abscess or anything like sarcoma but Rita is full of energy and a very happy dog again.

I still put tumeric in her meals and plan to, at least once a week, give her and my other dogs, sour sop juice from sour sop steeped leaves. I have a sour sop tree on my property.

And I will check Rita’s mouth every week for the next few weeks and hope and pray that whatever was there before does not return.

Excellent article This is worth a read, about dogs and tumeric and its possible benefits.


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