Next year should introduce The Kennel Club’s new breed standards. Breed clubs, councils in the UK, have been having meetings and should reply to the proposals for changes in their individual standards by the end of this year.

The breeds which I know are in Barbados and could be affected by a change in standard are:


Rhodesian Ridgebacks – Characteristics


Labrador Retriever – Characteristics, body

American Cocker Spaniel – Eyes


Bull Terrier – Eyes

Fox Terrier – Eyes


Akita – Temperament, Hindquarters, Dew Claws

Shiz Tzu – General Appearance, hind quarters, feet, coat


Bouvier Des Flandres – Head, dew claws

Bullmastiff – Head

Dobermann – Dew claws, tail

Dogue de Bordeaux – Head, mouth, neck, body, coat, tail, colour and gait

Mastiff – General appearance, characteristics, temperament, head, eyes, forequarters, body, hindquarters, feet, gait, coat, colour.

Neapolitan Mastiff – Characteristics, head, eyes, neck, body, hindquarters, dewclaws.

Rottweiler – Dew claws

Pastoral (Working group here)

German Shepherd Dogs – Forequarters, hindquarters, body, dew claws, gait


Papillon – Forequarters, dew claws

The standards under which the Barbados dogs are judged are owned by The Kennel Club and the judges who come down here are the UK judges who should be aware of the standard changes and judge accordingly.  The new standards would be published on The Kennel Club’s web site.

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4 Comments to “UK Breed Standards changing”

  1. lg says:

    GSDs – I believe that the breeders have bred out the gene for having dew claws. As far as I know the GSDs are not born with dew claws, therefore there is no need to cut them off. So I wonder what, this change is about.

  2. admin says:

    Dew claws appear to be a concern in several other breeds. I suspect the “new” standard will make dew claws acceptable. No docking of tails, or clipping of dew claws. I was not aware that the GSD breeders were successful in breeding out dew claws.

  3. geminitrait says:

    I wish to know who are the ridgeback breeders on the island

  4. admin says:

    Although there seem to be several imported Rd. Ridgebacks on the island, there are not many breeders. For several years now I am not aware of any locally bred puppies on the island.
    The main Rd. Ridgeback breeder is Sarah Hamilton-Outcalt and I know she has recently mated her imported bitch to a locally bred Ch. male who was also a BIS dog. The bitch she used can be seen if you go to

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