UK visitors who are dog lovers

Belinda and Jim in Barbados

About 2 years ago when Belinda and her husband James were coming to Barbados she contacted me through this blog as she would have attended a dog show if there were any at the time of her visit. At that time, we would have had agility and obedience training going on but no conformation shows.

She and her husband have Pugs and a French Bulldog. Sarabellew Pugs and French Bulldogs

I was happy to talk with them and also give them some tropical fruits like mangoes, pawpaw and miniature golden apples, and show them where the show grounds are, so if they return to Barbados and a show is on, they can find the area.

Although they have visited Barbados several times now, I took them to a place on the East coast that they had not seen before. And they enjoyed the sunshine and sea breezes as well as our locally brewed beer.

At a recent show, there were some UK visitors who visited Barbados on a cruise and stopped in at the show instead of touring the island. Unfortunatley, they could not stay for the group and best in show judging as they had to return in the early afternoon to their ship. Some local shows do get overseas guests, especially when the shows are promoted through flyers or other media that reach the tourists.

Of course, our shows in Barbados are small in the number of exhibits to UK shows but the UK dog lovers who might have dogs of the same breeds being exhibited, and might also know the judges, still enjoy themselves.

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