Dogs although they might have grounds to play on might not be motivated to exercise unless they are puppies at play.

And their humans might be like wise. But put the two together, and a walk might do wonders for the health of the owner(s) and the dog(s).

Barbados is a small island surrounded by beautiful beaches and rough seas in some areas, and also usually calm seas in other areas depending on the part of the island.

Barbados has eleven parishes, and only two of those parishes are not surrounded by a border of sea.

But for walkers and nature lovers, the country area is a very beautiful place to be.

At this time of the year, Barbados will be getting ready for the sugar cane crop and a lot of the cane fields are looking rather dry.

Barbados uses a mechanical harvester for cutting canes where the canes are planted in flat terrain but unfortunately some of these canes will get burnt. Where the canes are cut by hand, it might be imported labour from other islands and when the dreaded “cow itch” pods are in the area and this is the time they ripen, the canes might be burnt by the same people who are supposed to cut them. Unlike, some of the other islands, Barbados does not have a snake population, so snakes are not one of the reasons for burnt canes on the island.

I am a lover of beaches and the sea but I also love the country side. And my home is on a ridge lot with a panoramic view of the sea and country side, especially at night with the light of the cruise ships, and the Barbados Hilton Hotel and buildings such as Central Bank.

I love fruit trees and growing things and where I live is good as it usually gets good rain fall. I live in a cul de sac so I don’t get the noise of traffic and most of the lots in this area are spacious so the neighbours are close but not overly close.

A drive to a beautiful beach on the South, North, West and East coast is just 15 to 25 minutes away. And I am about ten minutes drive on the highway to major amenities like supermarkets, banking, etc.

My home has an area which some of my neighbours like to walk or bike. It is probably about a half a mile with a nice slope to work muscles. And I like to walk this area about twice a week with either Rita or Rhapsody.

Bouvier des flandres by cane field

Bouvier Rita by cane field

The benefits are better muscle tone for the Bouviers for their shows and the Bouviers like to socialise with the children in the area. For me, it is extremely relaxing to view the area and run up the sloping area – good for muscles and bones, great for Vitamin D from the evening sunshine, and good for the cardiovascular system and I would like to think it would burn some calories as well. 🙂

It is a very enjoyable walk but I don’t think I would be motivated to walk it unless I had dogs and I can just step out of my front door and walk it. I love the area I live in.

I do have friends who like to hike, and they seem to find the steepest hills in Barbados and I did participate in the B’dos. National Trust Hikes sometime ago but their hikes tend to work out to close to four hours on a Sunday.

I would like a shorter walk/hike as I have other things I like to do.

Barbados has been having a very dry January which is good for some trees like mango trees. I have a lot of fruit trees and four of them are mango trees. Two of my mango trees are covered in blossoms and young mangoes and mango trees need a period of dryness to stimulate the blossoms. The other two mango trees seem to bear out of season.

I know breeders may used threadmills to build muscles in dogs but I believe in the natural method and I walk at a fast speed so the Bouvier walking with me will be exercising the muscles used to gait in the show ring.

Walking this evening, I turned back from my usual sloping area as although Rita would have been okay with the cows, the cows were steadily advancing towards us and one cow was obviously pregnant, so although I feel I have very well trained dogs, I do not have much knowledge about cows and the ropes the cows are tied with are rather long 🙂 🙂

cows in pasture

Barbados cows

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