The lights, glitter and the dogs are gone from the show ring at Madison Square Gardens and a new winner for America’s Dog of the Year has been announced.

Sadie the Scottish Terrier, Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot, with over 100 Best in Show wins was always tipped to win the Show based on her track record. She has 112 Best in Show ribbons.

Sadie is four years ago, DOB April 2nd, 2005, and it is nice to see she is a female (now the dog term is really bitch but I realise that non dog people do not like the word!)

Most of Westminster winners in the past have been males.

Records show that terriers have done well at Westminster – Sadie is the 45th terrier to go Best in Show at Westminster. She is the eighth Scottish Terrier to win the award, and is second to the Wire Fox Terriers.

Barbados has had Scottish Terriers and just a few years ago they were on our show grounds. However, none now enter our shows and the people who imported them have left the island. We still have a Wire Fox Terrier on the island which in my opinion could do a lot better at our shows if more attention was paid to it, by its owner(s).

Some show people prefer males because they think they, size wise, have more presence.

Others may say that a female in season can be moody and would probably perform to a lower standard because of her seasons. And, of course, top females are going to come off the show circuit to be bred at some time.

The other Westminster winners were:

Hound group – The Wippet, Ch. Starline’s Chanel, female DOB December 13, 2007

Toy group – The Poodle (Toy) Ch. Splash PJ Moon Walk, dog DOB October 3, 2006

Non Sporting Group – French Bulldog Ch. Robobull Fabelhaflt Im on Fire dog DOB September 1, 2007

Herding Group – Puli Ch. Cordmaker Field of Dreams, dog, DOB March 30, 2004. This Puli also won the Herding Group Last year.

I have never seen this breed at a show in Barbados but I used to see one walking in Barbados in the Lower Carlton area with a female but I was always on the wrong side of the road to talk with its owner and it was always at a peak traffic time in the evening.

It is a breed I like, but then again, I like coated breeds. 🙂

Barbados does not have a Herding Group. The Herding Group was once a part of the Working Group but it became so large that the dogs which worked and also were known to herd sheep, cattle were separated in a group called the Herding Group.

The UK has a group which would be similar and is called the Pastoral Group.

Barbados has one group for these dogs which were known to herd as well as work and this group in Barbados is known as the Working Group.

The Sporting Group Brittany Ch Willowick Talltean Female – DOB – November 21, 2004)

Working Group Doberman Pinscher Ch Allure Blazing Star Alisaton (Female – DOB – February 15, 2006)

There are lots of sites and blogs carrying pix. and information on the show.

You can watch the videos of the best of breed judging, group judging and Best in Show on Watch Here

All of these videos might not be immediately available to the Caribbean area but I know that the Best of Breeds are.

Barbados standards are based on the UK standards and the USA way of grooming dogs, like for example, Bouviers, is different.

Westminster Show is a show of Champions who are there by invitation.

And in watching Westminster, you are watching some of the world’s top professional handlers with some of the world’s top show dogs.

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