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Working group best of breeds March 2010

In Barbados, our Working Group breeds are the same as in the UK, the exception being the German Shepherd dog which would be in the Pastoral Group in the UK, but as Barbados has no other Pastoral breeds it falls under the Working Group.

The Working Group dogs comprise dogs which were used for various working functions, whether is was herding cattle, and/or guarding and defending properties. These are the breeds which would be used for protection training today and for schutzhund trials. And, I would imagine that a person looking for a dog to protect its territory would look at the breeds in the Working Group.

There are breeds, such as the Akita, which are used for guarding in Barbados but it falls under the Utility Group. And I know anyone can say their breed is an excellent guard dog and maybe provide an incident are two. 🙂 Some mixed breed dogs are also good guard dogs.

Dogs were bred for specific purposes and I agree that some breeds have been “watered” down a lot in temperament and dogs coming from show lines and working lines can appear very different in appearance and temperament. An obvious example, being the German Shepherd dog.

Missing from the pix. is the Dobe which came in the ring a bit late and if I get a pix. of it in the ring I will substitute it for the pix. above.

Dog shows is about making up Champion dogs as well as being a show case for breeders.

Some people might bring their dogs out for fun but if the critiques show that the dog is not of show quality, they will either upgrade to a better quality dog or discontinue showing.

And, of course, some of the dogs in the show ring could be kennel dogs and some could be their owners’ pets which might share their home and enjoy their freedom.

Out of interest, none of the above dogs at the time of the line up was a Champion dog but some might have received their 3rd CC at this show.

Breed line in the above show pix. of March 21, 2010, was: Bouvier Des Flandres, Bullmastiff, Dogues De Bordeaux, Rottweiler, German Shepherd and Boxer.

In Barbados, this is the most competitive group and usually more than half of the entries in the show come from the Working group.

Some of the other groups, such as the Toy and the Terrier might only have one breed entry.

Further pix. of groups and winners in this All Breeds Championship Dog Show will follow.

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