Chanel's head

Chanel's head

Chanel, a wire-haired daschund made the Guinness Book of records as the world’s oldest dog; she lived 21 years and died of natural causes at her owners home in the USA.

Looking rather stylish as she wore goggles for her cataracts and sweaters because her skin was sensitive to the cold, she celebrated her last birthday at a dog hotel and spa.

Said to excercise daily, Chanel ate home cooked chicken every day with her dog food.

I am sure that with this publicity, and a Guinness Record, other dog owners may be coming forward to provide a challenge to Chanel’s record.

Here is a link to a pet age calculator.

Calculate the age here

We know that generally the giant and large breeds like the Saint Bernard, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound and other large breeds have a shorter life span than the dogs which weigh a lot fewer lbs.

Various calculators have Chanel’s age, in human years, at 113, 120 and 147, and possibly other figures.

Besides genetics, it must also be the excellent care of owners that help their pets to long lives. And just as humans are now living a lot longer, so can pets once they are properly cared.

And, to my Barbadian friend who has Rottweilers and likes to tell me that that breed is very slow to mature and says the breed should be mature at 5 years, by the calculator above, the Rott. would then be 42 years old. This friend of mine likes to enter his Rottweilers in dog conformation shows.

Because there are so few shows in Barbados, a show dog should be a top dog before age 5 in my opinion. Hitting age 5, I would imagine it should look mature, but in the Working Group where gait is very important, it would probably only be a serious competitor for another few years as I don’t see it retaining the top line and muscles of the younger 3 – 4 year old dogs.

And yes, I agree that the Rottweiler and other breeds like the Bullmastiff are “head” breeds and so having a large beautiful head, still in balance with the rest of the body, can push a Rottweiler a long way towards going to the top. And in a young dog, the head might still be developing.

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