Bouvier Des Flandres

Margaret on September 7th, 2015

    In the above pix. is Ch. Calliope Rita C.D. a very fun loving Bouvier Des Flandres. She was bred by me and came from two of my imported Bouvier Des Flandres: Ch. Farleycross So Far so Good at Calliope (from the UK) and Ch. Rick Lois From the Dogsfarm at Calliope (from The Netherlands). I very […]

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Margaret on July 10th, 2015

Barbados Dog Obedience trials end for first half of 2015 There were 2 trials, one on June 25th and the other on July 8th. On June 25th several dogs achieved various legs of the Novice (C.D.) Obedience. Jenni Wilson with her Boxer Riley successfully completed the final leg and Riley now has the C.D. title. At […]

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Margaret on June 30th, 2015

Here is Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope. She is a 17 month, soon to be 18 month old, Bouvier Des Flandres. She has achieved 2 (out of 2) Best Puppy in Show and 1 Reserve Working Group win. 3 Challenge Certificates out of 3 shows from UK judges Tom Mather, Geoffrey Corish and Derek Smith. […]

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Margaret on June 16th, 2015

Basic obedience training is essential to dogs. Competitive obedience is also great as it can be fun for the handlers as well as teaching the dog new exercises. But not all dogs and handlers enjoy competitive obedience where they do the same repetitive exercises, like come, heel, sit, down, stand and stay. Yes, they get […]

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Margaret on December 25th, 2014

The dogs in the above photo are Chepam Valentina at Calliope (Isabella) at 11 months old and her closest playmate here, the Tibetan Terrier Ch. Araki Miss Conduct at Calliope C.D. (Tibby). Isabella plays with the other Bouviers here but loves the Tibetan Terrier, maybe because they were the same size when she arrived in […]

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Barbados and Top Dog Trainers I believe it was a record number of participants in the Waterford’s B’dos. Dog Training Club’s ring on Wednesday, July 23rd, all trying for CD legs and the CD title which is achieved after three legs of the CD trials are passed under different judges. Eleven people entered, and ten […]

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Margaret on April 28th, 2014

A new Bouvier Des Flandres puppy joined my pack here in early April.  She was just 12 weeks old and she has settled in fine. House trained very easily. This puppy loves toys and food and is going to be very easy to train. The B’dos. Dog Training Club’s basic obedience group class is an […]

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Margaret on May 13th, 2013

This  blog post is based on the shipment of three Bouvier Des Flandres dogs from two different litters which were bred by me and were owned by one of my friends who returned to the USA.  She lived in Barbados for approximately 14 years and the oldest of the Bouviers was 8 years old at the […]

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Margaret on August 19th, 2012

Going on cruises is the “in” thing in today’s world. UK Bouvier friends, Farleycross kennel, visited Barbados for a day. I collected them from the Port and brought them to my home to see my Bouviers. I drove them around the island a bit and we had lunch on the East coast but they really […]

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Margaret on March 25th, 2011

March 20th, 2011, was the first All Breeds Championship Dog Show put on by The Barbados Kennel Club. Some dogs which were entered were scrapped the day of the show. We did have some afternoon rain, and as our shows are outside, there would have been some maybe slippery grass, but most of us, still […]

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